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why a creative career?

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will I find a job easily?

what if I don’t have the points? can I still apply?

how successful is AAA?

We live in a world that needs new ideas and new thinking. It needs game changers, people dedicated to making a difference. And a career in marketing communications affords you this opportunity. Each day is a chance to work with new clients, learn new skills and try new things. Added to this, the communication field is vast. From radio to television, print and online, consumer goods and much more, your only obstacle is your imagination.

Yes! Our degrees and diploma are recognised by the International Advertising Association (IAA) as well as the South African Qualifications Association (SAQA).

On completing the degree internship, 85% of our students are immediately employed. The other 15% find jobs shortly thereafter. Our connections to the marketing and communications profession, and the calibre of the student who graduates from our school, make it easier to find a job.

If you don’t quite have the points to apply for a degree or diploma, we encourage you to apply for our Foundation programme. This is a bridging year, which brings you up to speed. Once completed, you can apply for the degree or diploma of choice.

Our former and current students win many prestigious awards. They go on to work in some of the country’s best agencies and communication companies, or to start their own successful companies. This is a testament to the standard and work ethic to which we adhere.

what is my earning potential?

Very good! A career in marketing communications offers excellent salary packages and a long-term career path.


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