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Course Outline

Degree  ::  Course outline
with specialisation in Brand /  Strategic Planning or Media or Account Management
Year one Year two
Principles of Marketing
Principles of Business Management
Principles of Communication
Research for Marketing Communication
Marketing Communication Issues in
Multicultural Markets
Presentation skills
Practice of Marketing
Consumer & Buyer Behaviour
Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC)
Global Marketing & Communication
E-Marketing & Communication
Analytical & Financial Techniques for IMC
Advertising Production
Creative Writing
IMC Problem Solving (Cases/Projects/Briefs)
Year three
Marketing, Advertising & Communication Planning Process
The Ad Agency and the Advertising & Communication industry (Introduction)
Creativity and Problem Solving
IMC Campaigns
Media Management OR
Account Management OR
Brand Management
Work Based Learning (Internship)
During the 3rd Year, you will develop through four phases:
Phase one  ::  Whack
The purpose of this phase is to open learners’ minds and challenge entrenched thought processes. This consists of a number of lateral thinking and creative exercises.
Phase two  ::  MAPP (The Marketing and Advertising Planning Process)
The dynamics of the marketing and advertising planning process are explored by means of sound strategic thinking and hands-on application. This is followed by practical campaigns in a simulated ad agency environment.
Phase three  ::  Specialisation
This phase opens windows on the three specialisations available, namely Brand Management, Account Management and Media Management.
Every learner is required to select one specialisation. Once a choice has been made, learners undergo intensive training by lecturers and members of the advertising and marketing industries in Account Management or Media Management or Brand Management.
Phase four  :: Work Based Learning (Internship)
All graduate year learners embark on a structured and monitored internship within the advertising or marketing industry towards the end of the year.
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